Assorted Coloured All-Purpose Rubber Bands


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  • ☀️ These Elastic Bands come in 2 sizes of assorted colours in approximately 250pk. Elastic and last longer if it stored dry and keep from direct light.
  • ☀️ These coloured Rubber Bands offers the simplest and easy way of fixing unused and unusable items. These elastic bands are useful for tidying and tying, a great craft material, and perfect all-around little supports.
  • ☀️ These coloured rubber bands are works perfectly for colour coding items for easy classification and identifications.
  • ☀️ These rubber bands are also widely used in kids fun play, making a craft necklace, bracelets and many others.
  • ☀️ These sturdy and reliable Elastic Bands offer an easy stretching makes it suitable for any type of binding that needs a steady and sturdy grip.